The sweltering heat of summer can take its toll on everything – including your car! Constant high temperatures and exposure to extreme heat can be a major culprit for wear and tear on your car. Following these simple car care tips can help you avoid getting stranded on the roadside this summer.

Check your battery

High temperatures can have a negative impact on your car’s battery due to overexertion from intense heat and vibration which can lead to internal breakdown. Make sure your battery is securely mounted to minimise vibration. If your battery is more than three years old, it is advisable to have it checked at your next service to see how it’s looking and how much longer it will last.

Keep your engine cool

Keeping your engine cool in summer is important as your vehicle’s radiator works three times as hard during the hotter months. Make sure fluids are at appropriate levels and your water pump is lubricated. If fluid levels are too low, your cars cooling effect is reduced so ensure you check all vehicle fluids including motor oil, brake fluid, coolant, transmission fluid and power steering fluid. If levels are low, refer to your owner’s manual for specifications or chat to your mechanic.

Check your tyres

High road temperatures and driving with under-inflated tyres are a recipe for a tyre blow out! Shifts in temperature also influence tyre pressure which can be hazardous if not checked regularly. Avoid getting stranded on the roadside and having to replace a tyre by ensuring your tyre pressure remains as recommended in your owner’s manual. Head to a service station and check your tyres with the air pump, which can add or decrease pressure in them as required.

Air-conditioning system

Air-conditioning in the car is a must during the sweltering summer heat so ensure this is working optimally. Maintaining the air filter will prevent debris from entering the air conditioning system. Issues with the air-conditioning system may indicate a leak and would require a professional to repair. An air-conditioning service can help it to run at optimal levels.

We hope you enjoyed our top summer car care tips! If you need assistance checking any of these levels or items, please give us a call on 0419 895 289 to assist or fill out an enquiry form here.