Car Service FAQ

We know there are lots of questions that car owners have regarding getting their car serviced. We have tried to answer some of the more common questions below to help you!


How Often Should My Car Be Serviced?

As a general rule, every 6 months or 10,000km is what is best to keep your car in great condition. However, every manufacturer has varying guidelines which you can take a look at in your car’s logbook or owner’s manual.

Also, the older the model of car, the more frequently it needs to be serviced to keep it running in optimum condition.


How Much Does A Car Service Cost?

This depends on whether your car is coming in for a minor service or a major service. Major services will cost most due to the extra time and materials needed to complete this service. Some vehicles have specific filters, different types of parts or items that other cars may not have (for example a timing belt vs a timing chain). No one wants to spend any more on a service than they have to, but if we are looking at your vehicle and see a problem that we recommend gets fixed (such as your brakes!) we will let you know and can price you up on this additionally.

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Should I Go Off Kilometres Travelled or Time Since Last Service?

Whichever you reach first. Sludge and other nasties build up in your engine and other important areas of your vehicle over time and with use. If you’ve hit 10,000kms but are only 3 months from your last service, there’s still been 10,000km of wear and tear on the vehicle. We can rotate your tyres and check your breaks to make sure you’re ready to keep going for the next 10,000kms. Looking after your car at the recommended intervals means there’s a smaller chance of something major going wrong, a well looked after car will last you a long time.


What happens if I don’t service my car regularly?

Sludge, dirt, and grime builds up in engines over time, so it’s critical that to keep your car running smoothly that oil is changed and the filters are replaced. Your car will also run more efficiently and therefore as  bonus – save on fuel costs.

Oil or water leaks, if missed for a long period of time can lead to detrimental and expensive damage. These are generally picked up in regular services – so without these the only way you’ll know is if you notice the leak yourself or when it’s too late and you’ve broken down on the side of the road!


I’m buying a new car but the log book isn’t complete. Is this something I should worry about?

Ask the seller what the reason for this is, and ask for evidence that the services were completed (if just not logged).


This can be a red flag that the vehicle hasn’t been maintained very well. We recommend getting a RACV pre-purchase vehicle inspection done on the vehicle to take a look over it and get it checked out. We are an RACV Accredited Auto Care Centre, meaning that our team is trained and experienced in offering pre-purchase vehicle inspections, so please contact our team to arrange one before purchasing your next vehicle.


Picking up a expensive problem now, might save you from forking out a lot of money soon after purchase.



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