Tips for improving fuel economy | Nunawading Engine Clinic


With the cost of petrol skyrocketing at the moment it’s never been a more important time to improve the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. And here’s some tips to help you do just that…

Drive smoothly
We know, this one sounds obvious, but it’s an important element to be reminded of. Don’t over-accelerate (plant the foot) or over-brake, instead drive smoothly with gradual acceleration and early braking where possible. This will have a positive impact on fuel economy.
Also… Don’t speed. Not only is it dangerous and illegal, if your speed is over 110km/h your car could be using up to 25% more petrol.
If you have a car with 4WD mode, only use it when you’re actually off-road and four-wheel driving.

Regular Servicing
A well-maintained engine runs more efficiently, so if you can, stay on top of your regular servicing routine with our qualified mechanics and avoid skipping services. If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your car between services, give our team a call.

Tyre Maintenance
Check your tyre pressure regularly and top it up when needed. Underinflated tyres will lead to rolling resistance and this in turn impacts petrol consumption. It also causes poor tyre wear, so maintaining the correct tyre pressure will maximise the life of the tyre.

Air Conditioning
It’s no secret that air conditioners can burn through fuel, but it’s hot in summer and we want to stay cool. Once you’ve got the car to a comfortable temperature, bring the fan setting down from tornado and if you have a car with climate control let the climate control do its work.

Unpack After Road Trips!
The heavier your car, the more it negatively impacts petrol consumption. So once your back from that road trip don’t forget clear the clutter. For everyday normal use of your car travel light. And if you have roof rack and capsule system keep in mind these items make the car heavier and also increase the car’s wind resistance – so remove them when you’re not using them.

Getting in a routine of regular maintenance and watching the way you drive can improve the fuel economy for your car and reduce wear and tear. If you’re not sure how to check your tyre pressure or unsure when you’re car is due for a service just have a chat with our team.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.