How To Save Money On Petrol

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How To Save Money On Petrol

The price of fuel accounts for a large portion of the budget these days and finding ways to save money is always a welcome opportunity, this article will help you discover how to save money on petrol! Fuel prices have soared in recent months and are predicted to stay high, so employing the following strategies can potentially see more money in your pocket.

1.      Stick to the cheapest days to fill up

Tuesdays and Wednesdays have shown to offer cheaper petrol due to less consumer demand. People are less likely to be rushing to fill up their car for the start of the working week, or to get to places like they do on the weekend. The most expensive days to fill up are usually Thursday through to Sunday, so best avoided if looking to save money.

2.      Fuel is more expensive on public holidays/long weekends

Public holidays and long weekends see more motorists on the road – including those that don’t usually get out and about as often or those travelling further distances to take advantage of the break and get away. This creates a higher demand. To save yourself a price hike, ensure you fill up your car before the holiday rush!

3.      Fill up before your fuel tank is empty

Most drivers tend to wait until their fuel light comes on to fill up, therefore you have no option but to pay whatever the fuel price is on that day. With a little pre-planning, try and top-up your fuel while the prices are cheaper, avoiding paying on more expensive days.

4.      Get a petrol-tracking app

Instead of driving around trying to find the cheapest fuel price, you can now download the Petrol Price Tracker app from google that will do all the hard work for you. This app allows you to enter your preferred fuel type and brand and then provides you with twice daily price updates in your area. Similarly, 7Eleven have an app where you can ‘lock’ in a fuel price to redeem at the pump for up to 7 days, so even if you don’t need to fill up just yet – you can secure the low price for when you may need to fill up later in the week.

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