How to care for your car between services

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How to care for your car between services

Ever wondered how you could care for your car between services? Looking after your car on a regular basis can keep your car running optimally and avoid major problems further down the track. Understanding the basics when it comes to car care is an effective way to monitor your car’s condition and make you aware of any sudden changes or potential problems.

The following car maintenance checklist will help keep your car safe to drive and improve its longevity; keeping it running smoothly and efficiently between your scheduled services.

Fortnightly car maintenance:

Making the following checks to your car on a weekly basis can avoid major issues with your car, avoiding expensive damage and repairs.

1.      Engine oil level – Is the oil at the level recommended?
2.      Coolant level  – Ensure the coolant level is high enough.
3.      Tyre pressure – Ensure your tyres are at the recommended PSI.
4.      Lights – Are all lights working? Replace bulbs if not.
5.      Windscreen wipers  – Check water level and wipe over the blades.

Monthly car maintenance 

The following checks can get overlooked, however are just as important and can save you time and money in the long run.

1.      Automatic transmission fluid level: like checking engine oil, this process also involves checking a dipstick and your owners handbook will tell you how to find this and the grade of oil required.

2.      Brake and clutch fluid levels: many cars will have transparent reservoirs with level markers that can be checked to ensure the fluid is up to the correct level.  Be sure to check your owner’s manual for specifications.

Booking in for your six-monthly service

As well as checking your car on a weekly and monthly basis, ensuring your car is serviced by a professional mechanic either every six months or every 10,000km’s is essential to keeping your car as safe as it can be as well as maintaining its value and longevity.  Contact us for your regular service to keep your car running at it’s best!

We hope you have learnt something from our ‘Care For Your Car Between Services’ If you need any assistance with any of the above, please just let us know and we can make a time to show you how to do these things! Call us on 0419 895 289 to book in today or contact us here.

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