Does Your Air-Con & Heater Need Servicing?

Does your air-con need servicing

Does Your Air-Con & Heater Need Servicing?

The warmer weather is going to start kicking in this spring and summer, but we want to make sure your cars air-con is up-to-scratch before you start using it more regularly.

Is your car:

  • Making funny noises when you turn your A/C or heating on?
  • No longer blowing cold air with the A/C is on?
  • Starting to smell from your vents?
  • Blowing out warm air when the A/C or heating is on?
  • Leaking refrigerant?

Your car may need to have its air-con serviced!

Cars typically need their cooling and heating systems re-gassed every 1-2 years, and with the ever-changing Melbourne weather, it is important that you have your heating and cooling serviced and well maintained (as you never know whether the Melbourne weather will call for heating or cooling!) The last thing you want is a dodgy air-con while the weather is getting hotter, so avoid feeling uncomfortable while driving your car this spring and summer by having your car serviced here with us at Nunawading Engine Clinic!

Plus, did you know that an ‘unhealthy’ air-con and heater can potentially lead to common colds and headaches? Odours (even after they have gone away) can mean a build-up of bacteria could be coming through your cars air vents and growing each time you turn your air-con or heating on. Because of this, it is important to have your heating and cooling serviced and replaced every 1-2 years.

Not sure whether your cars cooling and heating system needs a service before the warmer weather kicks in? Give us a call to discuss!

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.