DO I need a pre-purchase vehicle inspection? Mechanic looking over car.


Have you ever purchased a second-hand car only to find out there are a variety of problems that were not evident at the time of sale? Investing in a second-hand car can be a great decision; however, it could turn costly if you aren’t fully aware of the car’s condition. Keep your family safe and gain peace of mind with a quick and easy pre-purchase vehicle inspection.


Purchasing a second-hand car can be a wise investment when you know exactly what you are getting. Pre-inspection can help avoid costly issues further down the track. Investing in a pre-purchase vehicle inspection is a sound choice to ensure the vehicle is thoroughly inspected by a trained professional. This ensures you are fully aware of the condition of the car both internally and externally before going ahead with the purchase!


So, what exactly do you get with a pre-purchase vehicle inspection? 

A comprehensive vehicle inspection is conducted by a trained professional who will thoroughly inspect the car from front to back, top to bottom and externally, as well as inspecting the interior.  

A report is then generated on the overall condition of the car identifying each item as the following: 
∙ Item requires immediate attention 
∙ Item requires early attention 
 ∙Observation only 

Based on the report, an overall recommendation is offered to assist your decision-making process as to whether purchasing the car is a wise investment. The report will specify the following according to the results of the inspection: 

Stop – It is advised not to proceed with the purchase of the vehicle. From the inspection, it appears the cost of repairs could outweigh the cost of the car itself, or the structural integrity of the car is compromised.  
Caution – The vehicle would be reliable with repairs undertaken, however, it could be costly.  
Go – Inspected items would be covered by routine services and the vehicle is deemed reliable.  

This information is invaluable when it comes to ensuring you have a safe and reliable vehicle for you and your family.  

Nunawading Engine Clinic currently offers two types of vehicle inspections.  

The first being a pre-purchase inspection which is suited to cars about to come out of their new car warranty. The second type of inspection is a comprehensive inspection which is recommended for vehicles that are older than 5 years, European vehicles and 4WD’s.

Purchasing a reliable and safe car can be made easier by trusting your trained professionals’ advice. Don’t compromise on safety and ensure your next vehicle purchase is a wise one! 

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