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We’re all feeling that winter bite now! As well as bringing out the North Face gear, scarves and beanies, it’s also an important time for car and driving safety. Here’s four tips to help you this winter…

Follow routine maintenance and servicing
Continue your regular maintenance between servicing (oil, coolant, tyres, etc) and don’t miss your service if it’s due.
It’s also a good idea to replace your wiper blades, as fresh rubber will wipe away winter road grime and rain more easily. An anti-fog treatment for the interior windows and windscreen is also a good idea.

Handy items to keep in your car in winter
In addition to the car manual, a first aid kit and water in winter it’s also very useful to keep these items in your car too…
– Streak-free cloth for wiping a fogged-up windscreen when needed (avoid using your hands to wipe it, a cloth is best).
– Window scraper – to remove any ice from the windscreen, windows and mirrors.
– Blanket
– Towel – unbelievably handy if you get drenched in a downpour during the dash to your car.
– Umbrella
– Torch
– Sunglasses – don’t underestimate how glary it can get in winter, especially in alpine regions.
– Sunscreen – even the winter sun can burn
– High vis vest (if you have one) – so if you do unfortunately break down, you’ll be more visible in deary weather.
– Snow chains – if you live in or are travelling to an alpine area. There are some alpine regions where you will be required under the road rules to carry snow chains during the snow season, so check with VicRoads before you travel.

Driving in winter
– If the road is wet increase the gap between you and the car in front. This will give you more time to react and pull over if needed.
– Slow down, drive cautiously and avoid sudden braking.
– As mentioned above, if you’re driving in alpine regions make sure you have snow chains with you.
– Never drive through flood waters.

Remember hot water is a big no
Hot water is NEVER a good idea! If your windscreen is iced over in the morning, don’t grab the kettle. We know, it seems an obvious one, but sometimes when we’re in a rush to get in the car and on the way to work logical thoughts like this can fly out the window and you can end up with a cracked windscreen.

Rug up, stay warm and drive safe.

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